Printable Rainforest Animals Finger Puppets

Embark on a wild adventure as you unleash the vibrant world of printable rainforest animals finger puppets! Let your child’s imagination take flight with this enchanting set.

Once assembled, these rainforest puppets will bring joy and excitement to your kids playtime. Watch as their imaginations soar, weaving tales of exotic landscapes and intriguing creatures.

Cute Printable Rainforest Animals Finger Puppets

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With almost no preparation required, these finger puppets are a seamless addition to any activity lineup, ensuring endless hours of entertainment and exploration.

So, gather your young adventurers and get ready to immerse yourselves in the magical realm of rainforest animals. Let the printable finger puppets spark their curiosity, ignite their storytelling abilities, and transport them to a world teeming with wonder and discovery. The possibilities are as vast and captivating as the rainforest itself.

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Check them all out

Just look at them! While not necessarily friends in the wild this monkey and snake can play nice together.

Ocelot and lemur make a nice pair as well.

Frogs and toucans are one of the most notable rainforest inhabitants.

Jaguar and sloth are a fun addition in this set as well.

Last but not least we also have the capybara and the parrot.

Printable Rainforest Animals Finger Puppets

Start off by printing the template. Regular print paper works out well. All of the printable rainforest animals puppets come both as a pre-colored puppet as well as a black and white one that kids can color in by themselves (printer-friendly).

Each page also comes with a fun fact about said animal.

Did you know? Capybara is the largest living rodent in the world!

Did you know? Sloths move so slowly that algae and fungi have time to grow on their fur.

Did you know? Jaguar is the third largest cat in the world.

Did you know? Toucans regulate the temperature of their bodies by adjusting how blood flows to their beaks.

Did you know? Some snakes lay eggs and some give birth to live young.

Did you know? There are more than 250 different species of monkeys in the world today.

Did you know? Not all parrots can fly! Kakapos can’t fly. And we are sure kids will remember this parrot’s name.

Did you know? They are called poison dart frogs because indigenous peoples used their toxins to make poison darts.

Did you know? Ocelots are most active at night.

Did you know? The ring tailed lemur’s tail is longer than its body!

Step by Step Instructions

While each printed sheet comes with simplified instructions, here is also a step-by-step tutorial detailing each step of how to assemble these puppets.

If you printed the black and white version, have the kids color in the puppets first.

Once colored, cut out the template following the dashed line. Older kids can also cut right along the puppet outlines.

Also cut out the two paper strips.

Take the paper strips and fold them along the dashed lines.

Take the finger puppet, fold along the three dashed lines along its mouth.

Make sure the folds are nice and crisp.

It doesn’t matter which way you fold them as you are making the folds.

Once all folds are complete, bring the top fold to the bottom one, making the puppet.

Take the first paper strip and apply glue on the area with the word glue on it.

Stick it on the back of the puppet.

Do the same with the other one.

All done! You’ve made your first puppet our of our 10 printable rainforest animal finger puppets.

Printable rainforest animals finger puppets

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