Printable Hedgehog Puppets

As the temperatures drop and we are getting ready for fall it’s just the right time for printable hedgehog puppets. Printable puppets are the best!

Grab your template and let the fun begin!

Printable Hedgehog Puppet Template Craft for Kids*this post contains affiliate links*

If you regularly check our website, you might have noticed I have a thing for hedgehogs, we already have a “few” hedgehog crafts on the website and I can promise you a whole lot of new ones will follow.

As our printable shark puppet received lots of love, we decided to make a few more, just so that he or she won’t be lonely and this hedgehog printable puppet was first on the menu.

I for one am super excited to share this one with you (obvious hedgehog fan here), I might be a bit biased in my opinion, as I designed this one after all, but I think he or she turned out incredibly cute. While this one can’t really play with the shark (I have a feeling one would love nothing more than to take a bite at the other), it will have to play with other hedgehog until he or she is joined by other woodland friends.

Ready to make your own hedgehog puppet? Print our template and let the fun begin! It’s easy peasy!

Adorable Printable Hedgehog Puppet Craft for Kids

How to make our Printable Hedgehog Puppets with our Template

What you need

  • our printable template – you can find it at the end of this tutorial
  • printer
  • paper (regular print paper will work, but we suggest using heavier print paper to make the puppets more durable)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • markers or other coloring supplies if you will be printing our black and white template

Any other decorating materials are always fun – biodegradable glitter makes everything look fancier.

Watch The Video Tutorial

Or Follow these Step by Step Instructions On How To Make This Printable Hedgehog Puppets

Print our templates (you can grab them at the end of this tutorial).

If you will be using the black and white template for this hedgehog craft, color it in before you start cutting. It’s way easier that way.

Cut out all the pieces. If needed you can make the straps longer or shorter.

For little kids it’s easier if you fold the hedgehog (see the dashed line on the template to see where it needs to be folded) before cutting out the hedgehog.

Make the folds crisp – we run a craft stick across the fold to make it crisper.

Cut around the spikes. Nice and slow.

Glue the straps on the back of the hedgehog (best to see the video).

This is how the straps should look like when glued on the puppet.

All done! This printable hedgehog puppet is complete and ready to be played with. We just know your kids will love running around playing with these.

Love hedgehogs? Here are a few more hedgehog craft ideas you might like: pinecone hedgehog craft, paper plate hedgehog and toilet paper roll hedgehog.

Printable Hedgehog Puppets Craft for Kids

Printable Hedgehog Puppets CraftGet the Printable Hedgehog Puppets Template Here

Click to get the template Hedgehog Printable Puppet

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  1. Hi, Andrea!

    I did this hedgehog-puppets with my students. I teach in a Public School and they love do arts. Every week I read a story. Then I teach to do some arts like you teach here. I readed the history “The Monster Tamer” of Ana Clara Machado, an author of Brasil. They loved and we are doing then. You can check out. We didn’t finished it yet. I promised to do the little cat, but I didn’t find a black paper like that you used it. Soon I will show it, ok?
    I had photos to show you but I could not attach it. How do I attach others?

    I hope you like to see what my little students did.

    Thank you for share your ideas!

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