Printable Farm Animal Finger Puppets

Oh, what fun awaits when you print out our set of printable farm animal finger puppets! These are a great addition to a farm unit in the classroom (kindergarteners and preschoolers love these) and they are amazing for developing creativity.

Encourage your kids to play with them once these farm puppets are assembled. Perfect no-prep activity.

Printable Farm Animal Finger Puppets

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Animal crafts are always a hit with kids since most kids are true animal lovers. You can be sure this set of printable finger puppets will be bringing smiles to your little ones’ faces.

Just check them out! They are great in action.

As these puppets are small, they are easy for younger kids (like preschool) to handle.

Not to mention these puppets are also a great addition to storytime. Bring your stories to life!

Ready to give them a go?

Printable Farm Animal Finger Puppets

All of the printable farm animal puppets come both as a pre-colored puppet as well as a black and white one that kids can color in by themselves (printer-friendly).

We’ve got a little pig, one of the kids favorites.

A cow, which is also super popular.

A sheep or a lamb.

Can’t have a set of farm animals without a goat.

A horse.

A dog that keeps all things in check.

Next, there is also a duck.

A hopping bunny.

Last but not least there is also a donkey – which we are sharing with you for free.

Step by Step Instructions

While each printed sheet comes with simplified instructions, here is also a step-by-step tutorial detailing each step of how to assemble these puppets.

If you printed the black and white version, have the kids color in the puppets first.

Cut out the puppet. Your kids can either cut along the looser dashed line along each puppet (perfect for younger kids) or cut out all the details.

Don’t forget to cut two paper strips, they are super important.

Take the body of the puppet and fold it along the three lines (one on top of the mouth, one at the middle, and one at the bottom).

Run your fingers across the folds.

Make sure the folds are nice and crisp.

Bring the top part of the mouth to the bottom part of the mouth. Press down.

This is how your puppet should be looking now.

The pig puppet comes with the snout, stick the snout on the top part of the head.

Take the two paper strips. Fold along the dashed lines. Apply glue to the designated area.

This is how it should look now.

Stick the paper strips on the back of the puppet.

All done! Now continue making other printable farm animal finger puppets.

Printable Farm Animal Finger Puppets Templates

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