Paper Ladybug Craft

Here we are with another adorable and simple paper ladybug craft, we’ve made this ladybug paper craft a while ago but as crafting with paper is just so fun it was time to make another, different one.

After all this cute little bug deserves more spotlight right?

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Ready to make these cute little creatures? Let’s make them

Paper Ladybug Craft

Construction Paper Ladybug Craft - perfect spring craft idea for kids to do. This makes a great classroom project for kids in kindergarten.

What you need

  • paper in red and black (and just a little bit of white)
  • scissors
  • stick glue
  • black marker


Cut a circle shape out of red paper (it’s best to use construction paper as base). Cut strips of red paper.

Cut strips and circles

Take one strip of paper and glue it onto the base as shown on the picture. Glue on the next one at a 90° angle to the first one.

Making the body

Continue with next two, placing them between the first two. Depending on the size of the ladybug you are making you will need, or better say be able to, add more strips of paper to make the body of the ladybug more full.

Making the Ladybug Craft

Cut the dots (we used the glue cap as a template) out of black paper. Also cut a half circle shape for the head and two antenna. Cut two small oval shapes out of white paper and draw the eyes with black marker.

Ladybug details

Glue on the dots and head with the stick glue.

Paper Ladybug Craft

More cute ladybug crafts

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Fun Ladybug Paper Craft - Ladybug Crafts

Paper Ladybug Craft - Cute Ladybug Craft for Kids to Make


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2 thoughts on “Paper Ladybug Craft”

  1. These are so cute!
    We made them today, they aren’t quite as good as your’s but still cute!

    Thanks for the great idea!

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