Paper Mushroom Craft

We love simple paper crafts and this paper mushroom craft for kids certainly fits the description!

This one is great for all ages, you can make it with a preschooler (tip – use a paper roll), kindergarten and older kids. You can make a wonderful classroom display with these!Cute Mushroom Paper Craft for Kids to Make

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While it’s best to avoid this particular mushroom in the nature it certainly makes a fun craft project.

We made our mushroom completely out of paper, but the stem can be a bit tricky to make if younger kids (preschool) will be making this craft. We recommend going with a paper roll instead.

There is absoluetly no need to stick with the red with white spots either, your little ones can make a rainbow of colors (which will look amazing as a classroom display).

Ready to make one?

Lets do it!

Paper Mushroom Craft for Kids

How to Make Paper Mushroom Craft

What you need:

  • red construction paper
  • white construction paper (or a paper roll)
  • green construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a circle to trace

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions with Tips and Tricks

Cut a big circle out of red paper.

Cut small circle shapes out of white paper. Glue them on the red circle.

Cut into the red circle, from the edge to the center. Apply glue on one side of the cut.

Pull the other side over and press down for the glue to set, making a slight cone shape.

Cut a wide strip out of white paper.

Cut on both sides to make “strips”. Fold the strips (you can also first fold and then cut).

Glue the ends together to make a paper roll.

Apply glue on the strips (one side only).

Press down the red mushroom hat. Allow the glue some time to set.

Cut the grass base from the green construction paper. Apply glue on the bottom of the mushroom and press it on the grass base. Let the glue set.

All done!

Cute Paper Mushroom Craft

Paper Mushroom Craft for Kids to Make

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