Hammerhead Shark Craft

Are you ready for shark week? Give this hammerhead shark craft a go, and let your kids learn more about this amazing sea dweller.

These are pretty easy to make and will make a great display art on the wall.

Hammerhead Shark Paper Craft for Kids

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We love to create all kinds of Summer Crafts for Kids  – have you already seen our  Shark Pop-Up Card or colored the Summer Agamograph Template?

After your kids are done crafting, offer them a set of 30 Shark Coloring Pages – we’re sure they’ll love these.

Paper Shark Summer Craft

The craft we made today is easy to assemble, and it won’t take much time to complete.

DIY Paper Shark Summer Craft

We like how our shark turned out – it gives us extra giggles every time we look at it.

So guys, if you want sharks, grab the materials needed and come craft with us!

How to Make the Shark Paper Craft

What you need:

  • printable template (optional)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • white paper
  • color paper (light blue, blue, and red)
  • orange cardstock
  • ruler
  • two big googly eyes
  • compass
Materials Used

Let’s start!

Step by Step Tutorial

Draw a circle with a 16 cm diameter on the orange cardstock.

Cut out the circle with your scissors.

Step 1

Draw two rectangles with dimensions 6 x 12 cm on the blue paper.

Cut them out.

Step 2

Form two rolls (one a bit wider than the other) and seal their ends with glue.

Step 3

See how one roll is wider than the other?

Step 4

Glue the blue rolls on the orange circle in a “T” shape.

The horizontal blue roll is the wider one, which is our shark’s head.

Step 5

Draw an ellipse shape on the light blue paper and cut it out.

Step 6

Glue it on the shark’s body.

Step 7

Fold a piece of blue paper in half and draw a fin on it.

Step 8

Cut out the fins and make a fold on their bottom parts.

Step 9

Apply some glue on the folded parts and glue the fins on the shark’s body – to the sides.

Step 10

Draw a tail on another piece of blue paper and cut it out.

Step 11

Glue it on the bottom part of the shark’s body.

Step 12

Draw another fin on blue color paper.

Step 13

Cut it out with scissors and make a small fold at the bottom.

Step 14

Apply some glue on the folded part and glue this fin on the shark’s head.

Step 15

Glue the googly eyes on the head too.

Step 16

Draw a freehand rectangle with rounded edges on a piece of red paper.

Cut it out. This will be the shark’s mouth.

Step 17

Trace the mouth on a piece of white paper.

Step 18

Draw two rows of shark teeth on the white paper – inside the freehand rectangle with rounded edges.

Step 19

Cut the teeth out.

Step 20

Glue them inside the red mouth, then glue the mouth with teeth on the shark’s head.

Step 21

All done!

DIY Paper Shark Craft

How do you like yours?

DIY Shark Paper Craft

We think these sharks look fantastic!

Shark Paper Craft Idea

Get Your Shark Paper Craft Template Here

Shark Paper Craft

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