Shark Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Designs

If you are eagerly waiting for shark week each year or your kids are just fans of these magnificent animals we just know they are going to love these printable shark coloring pages.

And we’ve got them all, from super cute and easy to color in (think kindergarten and preschool-aged kids) to more realistic designs older kids might enjoy more. Turn on your printer and grab your coloring supplies while these pages are printing out.

Printable Shark Coloring Pages

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Printable Shark Coloring Pages

These animals certainly deserve respect as they are fierce under the sea predators. Most of them are anyway. If you have a fan of these animals at home, we know they will love these designs. And once they are done coloring them, why not also have them follow our easy step-by-step how to draw a shark tutorial. They will be drawing their own in no time.

Free Printable Shark Coloring Pages

The whole set has 30 fun designs, and while you can grab the whole set from our membership library (the link is at the bottom of this collection), we are sharing 10 designs for free – grab them and print them out to embark on a coloring adventure.

Smiling Shark Coloring Pages

Smiling Shark Coloring Pages

Starting, we have this simple shark coloring page. It doesn’t have many details, and most of the spaces are easy to color in. It’s a friendly-looking one, so it is well suited for all ages (big easy to color spaces are great for younger kids who are working on their fine motor skills)

Ocean Animals

Shark, Fish and Octopus Coloring Page

Fun under the sea scene featuring a smiling shark as well as a jellyfish, fish, and a bunch of corals. A whole bunch of things to color in. What a fun bunch these creatures are, aren’t they?

Happy Shark

Swimming Shark

This simple shark coloring page is ideal for small hands. Nice thick lines and big spaces to color in. Plus a nice positive and not a scary shark.

Realistic Shark Coloring Pages

Realistic Shark Coloring Pages

If your kids want to color realistic shark coloring pages, this one is just the one. It features two sharks swimming through a rich coral reef. Perfect addition to your shark unit if you are teaching your kids about these magnificent animals.

Heart and Stars

Shark with a Heart

Want to say “I love you” and include this under the sea creature? Grab this one, as it holds a heart with its fins.

Big Hungry Guy

Big Hungry Guy

If you want a chubby one, grab this one. Easy to color in and fun looking.

Word Shark Coloring Page

Word Shark Coloring Page

Do your kids know how to spell the word shark? No? Then, by all means, grab this one, as this friendly creature will also teach your kids how to spell its name. Coloring and learning all in one!

Enjoying with Fish

Swimming with Fish

When sharks aren’t eating them, they can be quite friendly with the fish too. Or can they?

Fun Shark Coloring Pages

Fun Shark Coloring Pages

This silly shark coloring page will be loved by everyone. What’s not to love with a smiling shark that is also sticking out its tongue?

Realistic Desing

Shark and Corals

Last from our set of free printable shark coloring pages is this wonderful scene. The focus is on the magnificent ocean predator. However, there are also a few corals and a seastar present. So much going on!

Exclusive Member Shark Coloring Pages

10 isn’t enough? Worry not; we have a whole bunch of other fun designs in this set, available from our membership library (along with hundreds of other cool coloring pages for your kids to color in). You can preview all of the designs on this page and grab the whole set from the bottom of this article.

Smiling Shark Coloring Page

Underwater Joy

If you are looking for a happy shark to color in, this one is the one. Nice thick lines and a frame make this one perfect for younger kids to color in.

Playing with Bubbles

Playing with Bubbles

When there are no fish around, sharks have no other option than to play with air bubbles. They are pretty fun to play with though, so that’s OK.

Mom and Baby Shark Coloring Page

Cute Sharks Coloring Page

This mamma shark is watching over the baby shark as they are swimming through the coral reef. Mommy has a fierce set of teeth while the baby still needs to grow a few. Such a fun design to color in.

Shark Coloring Sheet

Shark Coloring Sheet

If your kids love coloring with big crayons, they will need a coloring page that doesn’t have many details, and the spaces to color are large enough, just like this one here.

Yawning Giant Coloring Page

Yawning Underwater

This coloring page features a shark that is swimming towards the water’s surface. Maybe he saw a fish… Maybe a boat, or maybe he is just exploring his surroundings.

Shark Jaw Coloring Sheet

Shark Jaw Coloring Page

We won’t lie, sharks leaping out of the water are scary and this coloring page certainly reflects that. A scene that is fun to color but should be avoided in nature at all cost.

More Realistic Shark Coloring Sheet

Swimming Sharks

Looking for more realistic shark coloring pages? How about these two magnificent beasts, each swimming in its own direction? Crayons, coloring pencils, or markers will work great for this design.

Swimming in the Ocean

Undersea Coloring Pages

If your little ones are fans of neat patterns and designs they will love this one. The sea is drawn in a manner that the patterns are evenly spaced and neat. Perfect for the order-loving kid.

Big Mouth Shark Coloring Page

Happy Ocean Animal

If teeth are the thing that fascinates your kids the most, then this one is just the thing. Out of all designs, this one has the biggest grin.

Great White Coloring Page

Shark Coloring Sheet

And here we have another pretty realistic shark coloring page. This time your kids will be coloring only one shark, and it’s a great white one – the most popular of all under the sea predators.

Happy Shark Coloring Sheet

Smiling Ocean Animal

Another super easy design for the little hands to color in, maybe even the friendliest looking creature of the bunch. Will your kids color this one blue, gray, or even pink? Let them decide and use their imagination.

Bull Shark Coloring Sheet

Swimming over a Coral Reef

Another realistic design that can perfectly complement your unit study. Let the kids learn about these magnificent animals and wrap things up by coloring this cool coloring page.

Laughing Shark

Smiling Shark Coloring Page

Raise your hands if you are looking for a fun and an easy shark coloring page. Just look at how happy this one looks. We just know your kids will enjoy coloring this lovely design.

Bottom of the Sea Adventures

Happy Among Corals

Another shark coloring page full of details. We’ve got a happy-looking shark with his crab friend enjoying a nice underwater scene with lots of corals and lively terrain.

Looking for Friends

Enjoying Sea Life

Another silly design to color in. Not only does it feature a fun-looking sea predator there is also a scene to color in, with coral and algae in front.

Friendly Shark

Cute Shark Coloring Page

We think this one would look marvelous if it is colored with two shades of blue. Crayons, coloring pencils, or markers will all work out great!

Cheerful Ocean Animal

Waving Shark Coloring Sheet

How about this smiling character? If your kids are afraid of these sea dwellers, and we are not saying they shouldn’t be as they are fierce creatures, a friendlier design might bring these animals closer to your kid’s hearts.

Shark with Sunglasses Coloring Page

Shark with Sunglasses

Sometimes the sun is too much for the sharks to handle and when this is the case, they bring out their sunglasses. And don’t they just look fly with them?

Sunny Day in the Water

Enjoying the Sunny Day in the Sea

If you meet a friendly shark swimming in the ocean, they are sure to give you a wave. This shark coloring page is great for younger kids – a friendly shark and easy-to-color spaces are great for preschool and kindergarten.

Sea Life

Shark and Fish Coloring Page

Last from our collection of shark coloring pages is this hungry shark. There is a ton of little fish swimming around him and he can’t help but be intrigued by them.

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