Paper Strips Christmas Tree

Ready for Christmas crafting? We are and we are sharing another fun crafting idea with you – let’s make a paper strips Christmas tree craft!

Such a fun way to work on cutting and fine motor, and make a wonderful project at the same time.

Paper Strips Christmas Tree Craft for Kids. A fun and simple idea perfect for kindergarten and preschool classroom.*this post contains affiliate links*Membership banner

We love Christmas tree projects! And if you are a regular around this corner of the internet, you also know we love construction paper strips crafts. Making a paper strips Christmas tree was only a matter of time.

This is a great project to make in the classroom, and you can make it fit a variety of age groups with some modifications – crafting with preschoolers? Have them make wider strips or you be the one to cut them. Kindergarteners will be able to complete this project on their own.

Older kids can “upgrade” this Christmas tree craft, making the strips even slimmer and adding small christmas ornaments on the tree itself.

You can also use this idea to make a large bulletin board or for decorating classroom doors, just make the tree extra large.

Let’s get crafting!

Paper Strips Christmas Tree Craft, make this with kids at home or in the classroom. Great Christmas bulletin board idea too!

How to Make a Paper Strips Christmas Tree

What you need:

  • green paper (regular print paper or construction paper)
  • sheet of white paper (construction or heavier print paper)
  • brown paper
  • yellow paper
  • scissors (+ optional paper trimmer)
  • glue
  • pencil or crayon

Optional: decorations to put on the tree – sequin, pom poms, gemstones, rhinestones…

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow these step by Step Instructions

Cut paper strips. The lenght and width fully depends on children’s skill level and the size of your project. It’s something to play with.

When you have a nice amount of paper strips, move on the next step, you can always cut more.

Draw a large triangle shape on a sheet of white paper (in the shape of the Christmas tree).

This will help you out with making this project.

Cut a square out of the brown paper and glue it on the bottom of the triangle.

We have made a Christmas tree trunk.

Apply glue on one end of the paper strips, and glue the ends together.

You should see a loop.

Make these paper loops from all the paper strips.

Now it’s time to start making your paper strips Christmas tree.

Apply glue on the paper strip (at the end where you glued the ends together) and stick it on the sheet of white paper, starting at the bottom.

Keep inside the triangle outline.

Once the bottom row is done, continue with the next one and all the way to the top.

Draw a star on yellow paper (if you prefer templates, we have a printable star template that you can grab in this accordion Christmas tree craft, and you can print it on yellow paper).

Cut the star out.

Glue the star on the very top of your X-mas tree.

All done! You have made a wonderful paper strips Christmas tree – it’s now ready to be hanged on the wall.

Our you can make it even fancier and add decorations.

Simple Paper Strips Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made with paper strips. A cool Christmas activity for your kids.

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