Rocking Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Make a festive rocking paper plate Christmas tree craft, a nice little tree that can be placed on a table or a shelf as you really can’t have too many Christmas trees!

Rocking Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft for Kids. Fun Christmas craft idea to do with kids.

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Christmas paper plate crafts are great to make both in the classroom or at home, frugal and fun as there really are many dirrections you can go.

This idea joins our “rocking” series – like these paper plate angels or these super popular rocking paper plate snowmen. Show the kids how to make a paper plate cone and flatten it and let them create their own festive characters. We love to kick start the creativity!

Ready to rock? Let’s get crafting!

Rocking Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

How to make a Rocking Paper Plate Christmas Tree

What you need:

* 1 paper plate (makes 2 trees)

* scissors

* glue

* green paint

* decorating supplies – paints, paper, glitter…

Watch the Video Tutorial

Follow Step by Step Instructions

Start by painting the paper plate green. Let the paint dry.

Fold the paper plate in half, make sure the foldis visible.

Cut along the fold to get two paper plate halves.

Fold into a cone, unfold and apply glue on one side, fold into cone shape again.

Allow the glue so e ti e to dry. We usually use a clothespin to hold things together as the glue dries.

Time for decorating! Draw a star on yellow paper.

Cut out the star.

Stick it on top of the paper pkate Christmas tree.

Add other decorations… Cut strips of paper, add gemstones, ribbon… Whatever you like!

Glu decorations on the tree.

Paper really works out well.

You can even use your fingers for decorating.

All done! Your Rocking Paper Plate Christmas Tree is ready to rock!

Lovely Rocking Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Rocking Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft Idea

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