Swirling Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Why have a regular Christmas tree when you can have a twisting and twirling paper plate Christmas tree!

This project is super fun to make and you can either decorate it with the help of our printable or make little ornaments of your own.

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Felling festive already? We sure are and we already started sharing new Christmas craft ideas for kids this year (we love to see our jolly collection grow).

This Christmas paper plate craft is perfect to make in the classroom as it will make for the most wonderful and jolly display – who needs a regular tree when you can have a bunch of these twisting and twirling.

We even created a printable template with little ornaments kids can color and decorate to put on their little paper plate tree, or they can create ornaments of their own.

It’s great for fine motor skills, and scissor skills (kindergarten and with adult help preschool).

Ready to have fun crafting this one, let’s do it.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft IdeaHow to Make a Twirling Paper Plate Christmas Tree

What you need:

  • our template (completely optional – you can find it at the bottom of this tutorial)
  • paper plate
  • green paint
  • coloring supplies
  • scissors
  • glue

Gemstones, glitter glue and other wonderful decorations more than welcome.


  • hole punch
  • thread for hanging

Follow the Step by Step Instructions

Paint the paper plate green (ideally on both sides).
Cut into a spiral.

Slow and steady.

With a hole puncher, punch a hole at the centre of the swirl (top of your paper plate Christmas tree).

If you printed our template for ornaments, color them in / decorate as you see fit.

If not, create your very own ornaments.

Cut them out.

Color the backside too, as it will be prettier to look at as your paper plate Christmas tree swirls in the air.

Fold the “paper string” in the middle…

Apply glue on the top part.

And glue it on the paper plate.

Add more ornaments, until you are happy with how your Christmas tree is starting to look.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft Get the Printable Ornaments for The Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Click to open and print/save: Paper Plate Tree Ornaments

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