3D Paper Ladybug Craft With Template

Love ladybugs? We surely do and to prove it we are showing you how to make a lovely 3D paper ladybug craft.

You can grab our ladybug craft template to make this one or you can do it on your own.

3D Ladybug Paper Craft for Kids to Make With Free Template

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We think ladybirds are the most adorable in the bug kingdom, even more than a butterfly (although those are super pretty too). Kids love all bugs that’s for sure, but we think ladybugs still have a special place in their hearts.

These little creatures are said to bring good luck, and while we are not superstitious, we can say that seeing one at the very least brings a smile on your face.

The most common, and most popular, from this bug family is the red one with it’s 7 spots and this is the one we are making today.

This craft is suitable for some preschoolers, kids in kindergarten and older kids.

The template we provide works out nicely if you cut a letter (or A4) paper strips across the width of it.

3D Paper Ladybug Craft With Template

Time to ger crafty! You don’t need many things in order to make this ladybug craft and as it’s a frugal one, it’s perfect for the classroom too.

What you need

  • our ladybug craft template (scroll down the page to get it)
  • printer
  • markers, crayons or whatever coloring medium you prefer
  • glue (glue stick works like a charm)
  • red construction paper
  • black construction paper
  • scissors or paper trimmer

We prepared both video tutorial and instructions with photos for this craft.

While we colored the template at the end of our tutorial, we recommend it is colored before hand, for easier coloring, especially if young kids will be making this.

Watch The Video Tutorial for 3D Paper Ladybug Craft

Or Follow The Step by Step Instructions


Print our template (you can get it a bit further down this page).

Cut strips of red paper. We think 8 work out the best but it depends also on the width of the paper strips and the age of the children.

If you are working with younger kids – preschoolers – wider strips are better and using less of them is better as it will be easier for the kids to handle.

Fold the strips on both ends as shown on the image above.

Apply glue on the folded part.

Glue the strips of paper on the template, within the ladybug body (circle). Start with one strip, making an arch.

Next one glue at a 90° angle in regards to the first one. Confusing? We recommend you watch the video we shared above these photo instructions.

When you are happy with how the body of the ladybug is looking, start cutting circles out of black paper. You will need 7. Or more. Depending on what kind of ladybug you are making.

Fun fact: the ladybug can have anywhere between 0 to 24 spots, the 24 being the record winner!

Apply glue on the spots and glue them onto the ladybug.

Glue in stick does work out nicely here.

All done! Your ladybug is looking quite nice already!

Now it’s time to get to coloring, if you haven’t done that in the beginning.

Grab the Ladybug Craft Template Here

Grab the template: Ladybug Craft Template

3D Paper Ladybug Craft3D Paper Ladybug Craft With Template for Kids to Make

3D Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids With Free Template


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