3D Paper Fruit Craft

Let’s make a bowl of paper fruit! We prepared these 3D paper fruit craft templates that are perfect both for decoration or for making a set of pretend play fruit with your kids.

Printable Template 3D Paper Fruit Craft Idea

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We are all fruit lovers here at Easy Peasy and Fun (and vegetable to be honest). A printable fruit craft was in the making for some time now and we finally have it ready.

You can make this paper fruits without the use of the template, we just though it would be fun to offer a “pre-colored” and color in version.

These can be made with regular print paper if you are using the pre colored version, but we do suggest heavier paper if you will be using markers to color in your fruit, as markers tend to bleed through and wringle the paper.

Ready to make your fruit basket? Lets go!Printable 3D Paper Fruit Craft

How to use our 3D Paper Fruit Craft Templates

What you need:

  • our printable templates (you can find them all at the end of this tutorial)
  • paper (we recommend heavier print paper)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring supplies if you will be using our black and white template – markers, crayons or other

Watch the Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step By Step Instructions on how to Make 3D Paper Fruit

Print the templates. We printed ours on heavier print paper as we colored it with markers.

Color in the fruits.  We suggest using 8 layers of fruit to make this craft.

If younger kids are making this craft they can also use less (or well more if they so choose).

Cut out the fruits (and leaves if you want.)

Some of our templates also include leaves you can use in your craft. The leaves are a bit trickier to handle so if younger kids are making this craft do skip the leaf.

Fold all the fruits in half – with the colored side on the inside.

Score the folds to make them super crisp. We use a craft stick – easy for kids to handle and inexpensive (perfect for larger groups).

Glue the fruit slices one on top of the other (stack them up).

When you glued all of them one on top of the other, apply glue on the last one, open up your fruit and glue the last slice to the first one.

Printable 3D Paper Fruit Craft for Kids

Get the Printable Templates Here

Grab your Color 3D Paper Fruit Templates Here.

Grab your Black and White 3D Paper Fruit Templates Here.

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