Printable Unicorn Puppet

Who doesn’t love unicorns! These magical creatures are all the rage and this printable unicorn puppet is made to bring smiles on faces. Perfect as an afternoon craft and a must have addition to your story time.

Once your kids start playing with these, they won’t be able to stop as these are really fun.

Printable Unicorn Puppet Paper Craft for Kids

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This printable puppet is a part of our members area puppets series – where we aim both to make story time even more fun and to get kids to do more dramatic playing.

As with other puppets, this one comes in full color and in black and white so that kids can color it on their own. Kids in kindergarten are going crazy about these and preschoolers love them too.

How to Make a Unicorn Puppet

What you need:

Step by step tutorial for our printable unicorn puppet

Print out the template (grab it from our members area) – there is both the black and white and color option. We do recommend printing on cardstock, but regular print paper will work out OK too.

If you printed the black and white version, color it in.

Cut out the unicorn.

Also cut the two paper straps.

There are dashed lines on the straps, fold along those lines.

There are also dashed lines on the unicorn. Fold along those lines too.

Make the folds crisp.

This is the “shape” you should be seeing once all is folded.

Glue the paper strips on the back of the unicorn puppet.

Let the glue dry before you play with the puppet.

Once the glue is dry, push your fingers under the paper strip arches to make he puppet move.

Chatter away!

Printable Unicorn Hand Puppet

Get the Printable Unicorn Puppet Here

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