Frog Clothespin Puppets

Jump into the pool of fun with these printable frog clothespin puppets.

With 4 different frog desings and with a black and white verions of them too, there is hours of fun to be had playing with these.Printable Frogs Clothespin Puppets for Kids

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If you ask the kids to name a few of their favorite or coolest animals in the world, we are sure frogs would make the list too. There’s just something special about these slightly slimey amphibians.

Frogs are a super popular theme in the kindergarten and preschool too and these puppets make the coolest addition to frog unit study.

Clothespin Frog Puppet Printable

Just look at how fun this guy in action is.

Clothespin Frog Puppet

How to Make Frog Clothespin Puppets

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Start by printing the template. We’ll show you how to make the puppets with the black and white template.

We recommend you print the puppets on heavier print paper (or even laminate them) so that they will last longer.

With the black and white version, have the kids first color in the puppet.

Once they are happy with their coloring, cut out the puppet.

Also cut along the mouth line, to separate the body and the top part of the head.

Apply glue on the clothespin.

Stick on the head…

And the body… 

Be careful not to glue the clothespin shut.

Clothespin Frog Puppets Printable

All done! Your clothespin frog puppets are ready for play.

Clothespin Frog Puppets

Get the Frog Clothespin Puppets Template Here

Frog Clothespin Puppets

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