Twig Boat Craft

Next time you go out for a walk in the nature do gather some twigs, as we’re showing a fun tutorial on how to make a lovely twig boat craft today.

I do love recycled and nature crafts a whole lot, not only are they fun to make they also spark a whole lot of creativity.

Boat From Twigs Craft for Kids

Here’s the thing… As a kid I had an obsession with nature crafts, twig crafts in particular… I would spend days and days outside building my twig city, making the walls pretty much the way this little boat is made, covering the roof with weaved (dried) leaves and grass.Twig Boat Craft - Fun nature craft for kids to make

Some houses even had windows and doors. Roads were pawed with pebbles and I even build a few bridges. I was mesmerized and had immense fun.

Twig Boat Craft – Fun Nature Craft to do With Your Kids

What you need

  • twigs and branches, the more the merrier as not all will fit
  • yarn
  • glue gun
  • paper for the sail


Start by picking out twigs that are straight, more or less. Cut them to be about the same length. We used 10, use whatever number makes your boat look nice.

Twigs the Same Size

Take one twig and tie yarn on one end. Tie another string of yarn on the other end.

Tie a knot

Now take another twig and wrap the yarn around both twigs – doing an 8 – going around the first twig, making a loop around the second one, going around the first one again and second one.

8 Knot

Do the same on the other side.

Doing the same on the other end

This is how your boat should be looking as you weave your way through all the sticks. If there’s leftover yarn sticking out leave it there, you’ll need it (but no worries if it’s not, you can always tie in new string).


Now it’s time to reinforce the boat with two new twigs. “Stitch” them onto the boat along the yarn.


Heat up the glue gun. Place a twig in the middle of the boat and apply a generous amount of hot glue.

Glue Gun Time

Once the glue dries, add sail you cut out of paper (or leaf).

Twig Boat Collage

Make a twig boat - a fun nature craft for kids

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