Walnut Boats – Walnut Craft Idea

Walnut Boats for Kids

If you live in an area that has walnuts you just have to take advantage of this nature’s crafting material and make walnut boats. They are super easy to make and they will float on the water just like a regular boat… Well just smaller. *this post contains affiliate links* When the temperatures rise in … Read more

Summer Agamograph Template

Summer Themed Printable Agamograph Template

We have another fun project for your kids (or you) to do during the hot summer months, this time we are sharing a fun summer agamograph template with you. Making an agamograph is really, really fun and we hope this template will inspire your kids to start making their own. *This post contains affiliate links* … Read more

Simple Paper Boat Craft

Simple Paper Boat Summer Craft for Kids

We have another fun project that pops! This 3D simple paper boat craft is a fun piece of crafty creativity that you can proudly display on the wall! This is a great project for the classroom as kids as young as preschoolers and kindergarten will easily make a boat of their own. *this post contains … Read more