Simple Paper Boat Craft

We have another fun project that pops! This 3D simple paper boat craft is a fun piece of crafty creativity that you can proudly display on the wall!

This is a great project for the classroom as kids as young as preschoolers and kindergarten will easily make a boat of their own.Fun And Simple Paper Boat Craft for Kids to Make

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Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream… We have another construction paper craft idea to share with you, and as we love to do, we made it a bit of a 3D.

This boat craft is perfect to do in the classroom, as each of the students can make their own ship, decorate it however they see fit and then they can be put together into a magnificent display on the wall. Just imagine the fleet of these ships!

Ready to make this paper craft? Let’s do it!

Simple Paper Boat Summer Craft for Kids to Make

Fun and Simple Paper Boat Craft

How to Make a Simple Paper Boat Craft

What you need

  • a sheet of white construction paper
  • sheet of brown construction paper
  • a sheet of blue construction paper
  • red construction paper
  • beige construction paper

Naturally these are the colors we used, you can go with any color combination you want.

You will also need;

  • glue
  • scissors

Watch the Simple Paper Boat Craft Video Tutorial

Follow These Step by Step Simple Paper Boat Craft Instructions

Let’s make some waves out of blue paper. If you have two shades of blue paper this will look even better.

Glue the waves at the bottom of your white sheet of paper.

Cut a half circle out of brown construction paper.

Glue it on the waves.

Cut a thin but long strip out of brown paper. Stick it on your card.

Let’s make a small flag out of red paper and glue it on the top of the strip.

Now comes the 3D part. Cut the sail.

Fold it at the top and bottom.

Apply glue on the folded flaps and press down on the boat.

You just made a super duper simple paper boat craft!

Simple Paper Boat Summer Craft for Kids

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