Easy Pasta Crafts Ideas

Easy Pasta Crafts Ideas for Kids

Have pasta that is way past it’s due date – we have some easy pasta crafts ideas to share with you! We’ll show you how to make a fun pasta sun, pasta snake, pasta sunflower and pasta lion.  A great rainy day activity for kids. *this post contains affiliate links* While we really don’t like … Read more

Crab Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Crab Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids to Make

Recycle toilet paper rolls or kitchen paper towel rolls and make this cool Crab Toilet Paper Roll Craft. This is a wonderful summer craft for kids and it looks so fun. Have your kids make crabs in all the colors of the rainbow. *this post contains affiliate links* Today we present to you a super … Read more

Pipe Cleaners and Paper Crab Craft

Pipe Cleaners and Paper Crab Craft for Kids

This Pipe Cleaners and Paper Crab Craft is a great summer project. It’s easy to make and if you use some pebbles and add them on the crab’s legs it will stand on it’s own. Pretty sweet right? *this post contains affiliate links* You probably know Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid cartoon. We … Read more

Fish Pencil Shaving Art

Fish Pencil Shaving Art for Kids

Never throw away pencil shavings again, this fish pencil shaving art is just one of the many ways you can use them. It’s a wonderful crafting material for kids and a great recycled craft. *this post contains affiliate links* We sharpen coloring pencils on weekly basis so there’s always some pencil showings at our disposal … Read more

Sea Urchin Craft

Sea Urchin Craft for Kids to Make

If your kids love creating with watercolors this sea urchin craft. This watercolor projects makes a great activity for kids to do during the summer months or when they are learning about ocean animals. *this post contains affiliate links* This simple art project is appropriate for kids as young as preschool, although some help might … Read more