Paper Rosette Frog Craft

Paper Rosette Frog Craft

Who loves frogs? This Paper Rosette Frog Craft combines a love of frogs with doing crafts. In just a matter of minutes, you can create your very own frog! Everything from the eyes, the frog legs, to the rosette body, this craft screams FUN! *This post contains affiliate links* One of the best things in … Read more

Paper Rosette Snail Craft

Paper Rosette Snail

Snails have got to be one of the most underappreciated mollusks of the world. Not only are they cool to study, but they also make a great craft idea. This Paper Rosette Snail Craft is pure enjoyment for kids! *This post contains affiliate links* Snails are so interesting! Did you know when they feel threatened, … Read more

Frog Craft Made with Paper Strips

Frog on a Lily Craft made with Paper Strips

Getting creative is easy when you have something in mind to do! This Frog Craft Made with Paper Strips is not only very easy to complete, but it’s also something that you most likely have never done before. You will be able to make this frog and spend time hopping around with your family people! … Read more

Paper Flower in a Pot Craft

Spring Paper Flower Craft

Love spring and creating different paper flowers? Today we will show you how to make a gorgeous little paper flower in a pot craft.  You won’t be able to stop at just one so you will have a whole garden of them in n no time. *this post contains affiliate links* Flowers are a great … Read more

Rocking Paper Plate Butterfly Craft

Rocking Paper Plate Butterfly Craft

Everyone has seen a cute craft or two in their lifetime. However, this Rocking Paper Plate Butterfly Craft has to be one of the most adorable and fun crafts to make! Although it may look a little complicated, it’s actually quite simple. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to easily make this … Read more