Paper Garden Craft

DIY Carrot Garden Paper Craft

Want to have your own veggie garden growing any time of the year? Let the kids make this paper garden craft. We’ll be planting carrots and radishes, but your kids can make other vegetables too! *this post contains affiliate links* This craft might even make your kids love vegetables even more! Your kids will plant … Read more

Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath

DIY Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath

Feeling beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive. Making this Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath is not only beautiful, but it’s so fun to make. Using basic materials, you can easily make this wreath. You can use pink and red for the flowers on the head wreath or you can change it up. You can’t go wrong … Read more

How to Make a Paper Butterfly Craft

Paper Butterfly Craft

Who is ready for a craft that will make your kids smile? This Paper Butterfly Craft is so much fun to make! Your kids will feel as though they’re in their very own garden! Butterflies love to fly around and your kids can be the ones to do that. Whether you are making this for … Read more

Mother’s Day Flower Card

Mothers Day Flower Card Craft

If you want to create a wonderful Mother’s day card this Mother’s Day flower card won’t fail to impress. Everyone loves to receive a card, and this one is perfect has a flower that will never wilt so what is there not to love.  *this post contains affiliate links* Show appreciation for all mothers by … Read more

Water Lily Paper Plate Craft

DIY Paper Water Lily Craft

If you’ve ever wanted to create a water lily based craft, then this Water Lily Paper Plate Craft is for you. You can simply follow this tutorial to make a DIY craft. Water lilies are popular because they exist in tropical climates around the world. They grow in slow-moving water! So the next time you … Read more