Curly Paper Witch (With Craft Template)

Witches don’t need to be scary; you can make the cutest curly paper witch craft with your kids. This Halloween craft can easily be made by kids of all ages, as you can adapt it to be simple enough for toddlers to make (we’ll share our tips), and fun enough for older kids to enjoy.

This fun curly hairstyle is just one of the many examples of how you can use our witch head craft template. Why limit yourself to paper when a hundred other materials can be used?

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We do have a thing for witches! They are a fun theme for Halloween and you can easily make them look not as scary. We recently shared a build a witch puppet template that kids adore. We also have a pretty cool toilet paper roll witch craft tutorial. And now this curly witch diva joins the club.

How to Make the Curly Paper Witch

What you need:

  • printable template
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • construction paper (any color; we chose blue)
  • color paper – if you’re using the colored template (orange)

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the full-colored template, or have kids color the printer-friendly one.

Prepare one construction paper.

Cut out along the witch’s head outline.

Pick out the colored paper to make the witch’s hair. We made ours with orange paper.

It’s best to use regular print paper as it’s easiest to curl (construction paper will be harder). Instead of curling, you can also have the kids fold it (zig zag fold); in this case, construction paper works well.

Cut many strips of paper (cut along the longer side of the sheet of paper). They don’t have to be the same size. Make them about a “thumb” wide. If you use our template, we have included a paper with cutting lines for the strips, which you can print on colored paper.

Place the witch’s head outline on the construction paper that will be used as a background. With a pencil (or crayon), trace around the bottom part of the head. This will serve as a guide to stick the paper strips on.

Apply glue along the line you drew.

Start sticking on paper strips (apply more glue as needed).

Make the Hairdoo

For younger kids, have them stick the head outline at this step. Older kids can add it at the end (it will look slightly better).

Take the first paper strip, curl / swirl it. Apply glue at the end of the paper strip.

And stick it on the construction paper background. Depending on the type of glue and paper, the kids might need to hold it in place for a little while for the glue to set.

Tip: if you are working with younger kids, instead of curling the paper, have them make zig zag folds. Or just leave the hair straight.

Pretty cool, right? Continue with other paper strips, curling them one by one.

All done! Your curly paper witch craft is complete.

Curly Paper Witch (With Craft Template)

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