Cat Halloween Card Idea

Love making DIY cards for every occasion? We’ll show you how to make this easy peasy cat Halloween card idea. This one is fun for all ages, it’s easy enough that you can make it in a preschool classroom and cool enough, that you can make and give it out yourself.

Ready to make this homemade Halloween card? Let’s make one!

Cat Halloween Card Idea For Kids

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This is a great last-minute Halloween craft idea as you don’t need many materials to make one, and even if you don’t have them all, you can easily replace them with something you have at hand.

How to Make Cat Halloween Card Idea

What you need:

  • orange cardstock (or other Halloween colored one).
  • black paper (newspaper works out really great as well)
  • yellow paper for eyes (green is great too)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • button
  • black marker

Step by Step Tutorial

Let’s make the card. If you are making this card with younger kids, we suggest you fold a sheet of letter or A4-sized paper in half, making one large card. This will make it easier for young kids to do this project.

For older kids, cut the paper in half, and then fold it – making two smaller cards out of one sheet of paper.

Alternatively, you can also purchase blank cards from the craft store (this is especially handy for classroom projects).

Run your fingers across the fold to make it really sharp.

Take a sheet of black paper and place it behind the card. Cut a black rectangle the same size as the card.

While this step is optional, we found it to be helpful when working with younger kids as it makes it easier for them to get the size of the cat just right.

Cut the black paper roughly in half.

Place the now thinner rectangle on the card. Fold the top part – this fold will mark the height of the cat.

Cut along the fold.

It’s time to shape the car. Cut out a triangle out of one side of the black rectangle.

Easy peasy! The cat body is done. Now cut two pointy oval shapes for the eyes.

Draw irises with a black marker.

Stick them on the cat’s body. Glue the body on the card.

Add a nose. A pink button works really great. You can also add a tail.

Now all there’s left to do with this Cat Halloween Card Idea is to write a note inside it and give it to someone.

Cat Halloween Card Idea

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