Last Minute DIY Halloween Card with Googly Eyes

Sometimes the quickest and simplest ideas are the coolest. This last minute DIY Halloween card with googly eyes is such a fun Halloween activity to do with kids.

If your kids love to craft, you probably have all the supplies at hand already, if not, you can easily modify this card tutorial to use what you already have.

Last Minute Homemade Halloween Card with Googly Eyes

This last-minute Halloween craft for kids is a quick one and great to work on your child’s fine motor skills as they work with googly eyes (and peeling off the layer to get to the glue does require fine motor skills).

If you don’t have googly eyes, a good alternative is googly eye stickers, which can be bought in most stores (we love them). If that’s not an option either, cutting small circles out of white paper and using a black marker to draw the eyes will also work out great for this homemade Halloween card.

How to Make the Last Minute DIY Halloween Card with Googly Eyes

What you need:

  • cardstock in a color of your choice (we think purple, orange, black, and green are great picks)
  • googly eyes or googly eye stickers
  • white paper or white chalk marker
  • glue, scissors

Step by Step Tutorial

If you don’t have a blank card, you can easily make one by cutting a sheet of letter or A4 sized paper in half. Take one of the halves and fold in in half to make your card. We recommend you run a ruler (or any other object) over the fold to make it really neat.

Cut a mouth with two fangs out of white paper. If you have a chalk marker at hand, you can also draw the mought (it’s easier than cutting it and looks cool).

You can also use a black marker to draw the mouth if you are making this handmade Halloween card with brighter colors

If you glued the mouth, gently press it down for the glue to set.

Now start adding the googly eyes (or the alternatives).

Peel off the layer that protects the glue…

…and press the eye on the card for it to stick.

Continue adding more eyes, until you are happy with how your monster Halloween card is looking.

Now all there’s left to do is add a note inside the card.

All done. This last minute DIY Halloween card with googly eyes is ready to go out in the world.

Last Minute DIY Halloween Card with Googly Eyes

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