Simple Groundhog Day Craft

I always thought Groundhoog day was kind of cool (even more so after watching the movie with the said name ha), so to celebrate this wacky holiday I’m sharing an idea for a simple Groundhog day craft you can make with your kids.

Groundhog Day Craft for Kids to Make

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Groundhog Day Craft

Peek A Boo Groundhog!

Materials Needed

Plastic Cup
Cotton Balls
Brown and White Construction Paper
Googly eyes
Marker or pencil
Popsicle stick


Simple Groundhog Day Craft to Make With Kids

Use the scissors to cut a small slit in the bottom of the plastic cup, large enough for the popsicle stick
to clip into.
Pull each cotton ball out into a round. Place the rounds of cotton on the table in a row.
Squeeze glue up and down all over the cup. The easiest, cleanest way to add the cotton to the cup is to
roll it!
Place the cup onto the first cotton round and roll it onto the next until the cup is covered. Glue cotton
balls to the rim.
Cut the body, arms and ears of the groundhog out from the brown construction paper. Refer to our photo
for the shape!
Glue the ears and arms in place, I attached one arm facing upward so that he was giving a cute little wave
hello when he popped up out of the cup! Add the eyes.
Glue the groundhog to the popsicle stick. Place the groundhog down inside the cup and slip the popsicle
stick through the slit in the bottom of the cup.
Use the popsicle stick to push him up and down!

Groundhog Day Craft for Kids

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