Charcoal Drawing for Kids – Art Lesson Tips and Tricks

FInished Charcoal Drawing for Kids

This lesson is an introduction to charcoal drawing for kids as it is intended to be fairly basic and help get them used to just using charcoals and the feel of them and to know what they are in general. Teaching art at home to your kids is a great idea, whether you are a … Read more

Pop Art Lesson for Kids – Lichtenstein Mixed Media

Pop Art Lesson - Lichtenstein Media

In teaching art history lessons to kids, whether it be just to your own children in homeschooling, or to a whole class, one era you can’t leave out is the Pop Art era of the 1960’s. This is when art took a turn and became a more relaxed and fun thing and stopped taking itself … Read more

Perler Beads for Kids Art Class Tips and Tricks

Perler Beads Star

Perler Beads have been around a long time and are a classic kid’s craft. They are fun even for us adults, too, and you may find yourself jumping in and creating along with the kiddos. Using them for teaching kid’s art is a great way to break up doing things with paper and you can … Read more

How to Paint a Butterfly – Acrylic Painting For Beginners

How to Paint a Butterfly

Learn how to paint an abstract butterfly on canvas with this step by step how to paint a butterfly acrylic painting lesson for kids, beginners and first time painters. With this painting tutorial you will master acrylic paining for beginners and end up with a wonderful butterfly canvas – simple, quick and fun for home, classroom … Read more

Sun and Moon Painting – Art Lesson With Warm and Cool Colors

Sun and Moon Art Project for Kids

Explore warm and cool colors with this Sun and Moon Painting art lesson. This sun and moon painting tutorial is one of the best projects when it comes to teaching the kids about warm and cool colors and the end result will always fill them with pride. *this post contains affiliate links* Teaching kids’ art … Read more