Simple Paper Octopus Craft – Summer Crafts for Kids

Easy Paper Pig Craft for Kids

Ready for some summer crafting with kids? We’re diving deep with this simple paper octopus craft that’s both fun to make and to play with. We are so excited to kick off our sea animal crafts series as we have a whole lot of ideas to share with you. *this post contains affiliate links* Sea … Read more

Lion Corner Bookmarks – Step by Step Tutorial

Cute Lion Corner Bookmarks

We showed you how to make a tiger one yesterday and today it’s time to make a whole bunch of lion corner bookmarks. This lovely origami corner bookmark is just waiting to take a bite at your favorite books. *this post contains affiliate links* Reading books is great! The more your kids read the better … Read more

Easy Paper Cow Craft – Farm Animal Craft Ideas

Cute Easy Paper Cow Craft

Have a cow fan in your home? We have the most adorable and easy paper cow craft to share with you today! Ready? Let’s craft! *this post contains affiliate links* Cows and bulls are fun! They are gorgeous animals and if you ever had a chance too see one you have to agree they have … Read more

Tiger Corner Bookmarks – DIY Origami for Kids

Tiger Corner Bookmarks Craft

We are back with another awesome corner bookmark design, this time we are making a fierce tiger corner bookmark tutorial! You will quickly learn how to make an origami corner bookmark and decorate it to look like a tiger. Raawr! *this post contains affiliate links* We wanted to do this corner bookmark idea for a … Read more

DIY Easter Paper Basket Craft

Cute Paper Basket Craft

Why not make you very own DIY Easter paper basket craft! This simple paper craft is perfect for kindergarten classroom, where each kid can make their very own basket. *this post contains affiliate links* Thinking of setting up an Easter egg hunt with plastic Easter eggs? Why not have the kids make their own baskets … Read more