Letter O Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

Are your kids ready to learn all about the letter O? Grab these free printable letter O worksheets for preschool and kindergarten and equip your little learners with all they need to master this letter.

We believe hands-on activities are the best when it comes to learning the letters of the alphabet, but at some point, a worksheet to review what kids have learned is necessary. This is why we have prepared these engaging worksheets; with a whole lot of variety they are sure to meet your and your kids learning needs.

Letter O Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

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Printable Letter O Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

Explore this comprehensive set, featuring 12 pages that present students with ample opportunities to gain mastery over this letter.

Adaptable to varying difficulty levels, these pages cater seamlessly to both preschool and kindergarten students.

Practice Lower Case and Upper Case Letters Oo

Practice Lower Case and Upper Case Letters Oo

When it comes to teaching your students both the lowercase and uppercase letter O individually, these materials are the perfect solution. Allocate one worksheet to enhance proficiency in uppercase O and another to delve into the details of lowercase o.

Letter O Formation Worksheet

Letter O Formation Worksheets

Lead your preschoolers or kindergarteners in crafting the letter O with precision using this specialized formation worksheet.

Color The Beginning Sound O Worksheets

Beginning Sound O Worksheets

Spark the interest of little learners with these captivating coloring worksheets designed for preschool exploration. One focuses on expanding vocabulary and acquainting kids with the distinct sound of the letter O through images with the initial O sound. The second worksheet challenges them to identify images beginning with the letter O sound.

Letter O Recognition Worksheets

Letter O Recognition Worksheets

Strengthen letter recognition skills with three engaging learning activities, exclusively dedicated to the letter O.

Review the Letter O Worksheets

Review the Letter O Worksheets

After your students have built a sturdy groundwork in the letter O, employ this worksheet to reinforce their understanding and gauge their advancements.

Review Beginning Sound O Worksheets

Do a Dot Beginning Sound O Worksheets

Do a Dot Letter O Worksheets

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