Easy Symmetrical Butterfly Art

Not only is this easy symmetrical butterfly art super fun to make it’s also a great starting talking point to teach kids about symmetry.

So if you are looking for the easiest butterfly painting idea, with a touch of learning, this is the project to make.

Easy Symmetrical Butterfly Art Idea

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When it comes to spring crafts, butterflies are the bugs that get most of the spotlight, and deservingly so.

This particular idea is suitable for kids of all ages; toddlers and preschoolers will especially enjoy it (and it is appropriate for them) as it can be a bit messy.

How to Make the Easy Symmetrical Butterfly Art

What you need:

  • paper (construction paper is best, but regular print paper is OK as well)
  • marker
  • paints (tempera or other water-based paints that are kid safe)
  • scissors
  • construction paper for body
  • glue

Step by Step Tutorial

Take a sheet of paper, gently fold it in half to make a crease across the middle. Starting from the crease draw a shape for the butterfly body. Writing a number 3 will be OK too.

While at it why not also check our butterfly drawing tutorial?

Apply drops of paint (generously) inside the butterfly wing outline you drew.

Use as many colors as you like.

Close up the paper (following the fold).

Optional: Gently push it up and down, left and right (not too much) to move the colors a bit.

Slowly open up the paper – a marvelous colorful creation will be greeting you.

Let the paints dry. Once dry grab the scissors and cut out the butterfly wings.

If the colors are dry, you can fold the paper, this time with the butterfly wings on the outside and cut along the outline.

Cut the oval body shape from construction paper and stick it on the butterfly wings.

Also, add the head and antennae.

Tip: depending on the age group you can skip this step as younger kids might find making the butterfly head and especially antennae challenging.

You can roll the antennae a little bit, to give them volume.

It’s coming along nicely.

Draw in the details with a marker.

Finally, glue the butterfly to a paper straw, a pen, or a craft stick.

Easy Symmetrical Butterfly Art

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