Story Box {Shoe Box Craft}

I’d like to say I’m a shoe box hoarder but fact is I like shoes! Not to the extreme but enough that we have a few spare boxes and can make some adorable shoe box crafts like this story box!

So if you have a shoe box or two let’s give it a makeover!

Shoe Box Crafts

Boxes that have the lid attached to them work out the best for a project like this one but if you have a lid that’s separate from the box you just need to be a bit more crafty to make it work (aka duct tape the sucker to the box!)

Story Box Shoe Box Craft


We decided to do “The Little Red Riding Hood” theme!

To make one yourself you will need:

  • shoe box
  • crafting knife
  • cardboard
  • colors and pencil if needed
  • glue

So I started by drawing the design with pencil (way easier to color than “free hand”). I split the box part to two parts – one for the nature (gras, mountains and the sky) and one for the granny house and drew a path on the lid. To give the granny house more life we used the eraser on the pencil as a stamp to do the little orange circles. To make the window even more fancy we even added curtains from scrap fabric (coincidently a curtain).


I cut a piece of cardboard to make the divider between nature and granny house and glued it there (optional but gives it more charm if you ask me!)

If you have any toys that would work with The Little Red Riding Hood you can finish the project right here, if not or you and your kids need a crafting fix you can continue to make your own Little Red Riding Hood characters!


You can make the “same” ones we did as I made a template which you can print and use

Little Red Ridding Hood Templates

Shoe Box Craft Story Box

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  1. I love this !!!! wonderful idea for kids !
    next year I’ll use it for my class…
    thanks so much for sharing

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