Cat Pop Up Box Paper Toy

We are a bunch of cat lovers here so we are extremely (extremely, extremely) excited to present this adorable cat pop up box paper toy!

There are two different paper toy templates to download and assemble and both of them are insanely fun to make.

How to Make Cat Pop Up Paper Toy for Kids

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Your kids will love the simple mechanism that makes this cat pop out of the box. We are pretty sure that once they make their fist one (using our template that you can grab at the end of this tutorial) they will start creating pop out boxes of their own and even building on this mechanism.

We created two lovely designs, both with cat theme (just seemed perfect).

The first design features a cat in a cardboard box (as cats tend to be obsessed with those aren’t they). We made a version to color in and one already precolored.

The second design also has a mouse that pops up on the bottom side. And on the other side, a cat is ready to jump on the mouse. Super cute and fun.

Ready to make one or two? Let’s do it!

Cat Pop Up Box Paper Toy Craft for Kids

How to Make Cat Pop Up Box Paper Toy with our Template

What you need

  • one of our printable templates (you can get them at the end of this tutorial).
  • printer
  • paper (we recommend heavier print paper)
  • coloring medium if you will be printing the black and white tutorial
  • scissors
  • scoring tool (we just use a craft stick)
  • glue

We made ours on 120gsm paper.

Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Print out the template for our cat pop up box paper toy (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial).

If you printed our black and white templates, color the cat (and mouse).

Cut out the box template (large long rectangle).

Flip it over and color it.

We are showing you how to make the cat and mouse pop up box and we decided we will be making a grass scenery.

The scene was colored with different shades of green using brush markers to get the grass look.

You can make any scenery you want.

Cut out all other pieces of this crafty project.

Time to fold, fold, fold!

Let’s start with the box. Fold along the dashed lines – score each fold to make it super crisp (we used a craft stick).

Apply glue on the last “flap”, where it says glue.

And glue the ends together.

You should see a nice little rectangle with “extra” folds on the long end.

Now fold the small rectangles. You need to get the M shape.

Apply glue on the folded “M shape rectangle” where it says glue, one side only.

Glue it on the inside of the box in the designated area (where it says glue).

The middle part of the M shape, the peak, should be faced up, almost looking out of the box.

Apply glue on the other side of the “M shaped rectangle” where it says glue.

Stick it on the other designated are for glue.

Take the cat. Apply glue on the cat – on the back side and only on the bottom part of the body, and glue it inside the box (on the M shaped rectangle).

When you press the box the cat should pop up.

Now turn the box around and repeat all steps for the mouse.

Done? Now when you press the box a cat will pop up on top and the mouse will show on bottom.

Pretty cool right?

The other design has a cat poping up from the box (there are even some cool decorations for the box on the design).

Cat Pop Up Box Paper Toy for Kids

Get the Cat Pop Up Box Paper Toy Template Here

Click here to save or print –> Cat Pop Up Box Paper Craft Templates

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  1. Thank you for the cat pop up–both the plain and the colored. Also, your video and written instructions are easily understood. I have downloaded the templates. I appreciate your generousity.

  2. so cute and fun! I’m going to print this out to keep my little ones busy while I cook dinner tonight.

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely creative site and sharing your inspiration so freely.
    Our family love cats too so this will be just great for the grandchildren’s school holidays.

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