Heart Box Paper Craft

Ready to make another cool cubes craft? Valentine’s Day is a special holiday we’ll be celebrating soon and this time we have got a lovely Heart Box Paper Craft for you to make with your young ones.

With this printable Valentine’s Day paper box template, your kids will create a nice craft with a hanging heart inside it that can be used as a cute gift, or a beautiful home decoration.
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We enjoy making our box crafts, and with Valentine’s Day slowly approaching, we are sure your kids (especially tweens) will have fun with them too.

The Saint Valentine’s Day is well known for its red colored themes, hearts, kisses, and showing the affection to our loved ones. And for the occasion, we’ve prepared a craft which describes these words perfectly.

With this project, we’ll be spreading the love with an adorable Valentine’s box with a hanging heart inside of it.

Kids will have fun cutting and coloring the whole template with their own colors and gluing the box together after they’re done.

This cute heart box papercraft is simple and easy to make.

Ready to make your Valentine’s Day box? Let’s start crafting!

Heart Box Paper Craft for Kids

How to Make Paper Heart Box

What you need:

  • our printable Valentine’s Day Paper Heart Box template (you can find it at the end of this tutorial).
  • paper – we used heavier print paper (the regular will also work out fine)
  • coloring supplies
  • string and sticky tape
  • craft stick
  • scissors
  • glue
  • printer

Watch the Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Print out our Valentine’s Day paper box template on a heavier or regular print paper (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial).

Use your best crayons and color the template – we used a red and a yellow marker this time.

Grab your scissor to cut out the frame of the template nicely.

You need to cut out the two blank squares on the template. These squares will be your “windows” of the box. To make cutting easier, you can fold the template in half and cut out the first blank square.

To cut out the second window, fold the template accordingly and cut out the second blank square out of the template.

Cut out the two hearts, flip them around and color them on the other side too. Make a nice incision along the dashed lines through the center of each heart.

You need to make crisp folds along the sides. Using a craft stick helps (or some other tool at hand).

Continue and fold all of the flaps of our box.

Continue With These Steps

Cut a short piece of string and make one knot at the end of it – you will need it to hang our heart inside of the box.

Insert the string (the part with a knot) into the incision of a heart that you’ve made 4 steps before. 

Now insert the second heart (that has the opposite incision) into the one that has a string in it.

Apply the glue to the flaps of the box.

It’s time to put the box together. We like to leave the side without the flaps for the end – this makes closing the cube much easier.

Before you close the box, you need to glue the string to the middle of our closing side (the side without the flaps). We used a sticky tape to do the job.

Apply some more glue to the flaps (if needed).

Now gently close the box.

You paper heart box is all done.
Heart Box Paper Craft Idea for KidsHeart Box Paper Craft Idea

Get the Heart Box Paper Craft Template

Printable box template here.

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