Spiral Christmas Tree Card

This spiral Christmas tree card certainly comes with it’s wow factor. Open the card and a 3D tree will pop up!

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We do love simple Christmas cards, but we love it even more when they are extra pretty (just check our silhouette Christmas cards, they are extremely easy and look amazing).

This card is certainly made to impress! It’s easy for younger kids to make but their scissor skills need to be good enough to be able to cut a spiral, and it has to be a thin one. If your kids or students can handle this, then this little card just might be your card of the season.

Let’s make one!

Spiral Christmas Tree Card Craft for Kids

How to Make a Spiral Christmas Tree Card

What you need

  • a card – you can make your own from construction paper (I think red looks amazing) or buy blank cards
  • green paper (or other color)
  • yellow paper for the star
  • scissors
  • glue

You can also add glitter glue details.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or follow the Step by Step Instructions

Fold the Christmas card base. We choose our bases to be red, as it gives a nice contrast to the green Christmas tree.

Cut a circle out of green paper, the circle needs to fit into the card – the bigger the better. There are many things you can use as stencils – glasses, lids, cups…

Now cut that circle into a spiral. The thiner the spiral the better the outcome – naturally younger kids will make smaller ones, but older kids and grown ups can make quite a nice one.

You can even make it fancier by using patterned scissors.

Apply glue on the outer spiral “loop”. Stick it inside the card. Let the glue set. If you want to add glittery accents to your tree, now is the best time.

Apply glue on the center of the spiral and close the card. Let the glue set.

Open up the card and your spiral tree should pop up nicely.

Cut a star out of yellow paper and glue it on top of the tree (on the card).

Spiral Christmas Tree Card Idea

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  1. Thank you for this post! We’ve just completed the Peacock Pop up card as part of learning to fold accordions (my LO is 4yo). This post is great for learning to cut spirals!

  2. Wow! thank you for the smile! The reindeer is adorable, and easy to make. The Christmas tree is so cute, and easy, as well.

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