Christmas Tree Pop up Card

We do love a card that pops and this Christmas card tree pop up card does just that.

Simple mechanism and a wonderful card!Simple Christmas Tree Pop up Card Craft for Kids. Fun Christmas paper craft activity for kids to make.*this post contains affiliate links*Membership banner

What I love the most about this card is that you can make it super easy for small kids – just using one “layer” for the tree, or make it more complex for older kids and grown ups by making your tree multi – layered as each layer is trickier to fold and needs more fine motor skills.

No matter how many layers you use though, this one is super cute looking. You can simply stick to paper only, or you can decorate it even further and add glitter or gemstones on the tree to make it look even more festive.

No need to have this one as a card either, it looks wonderful “opened up” so will make a great project for the classroom.

Ready to make your Christmas Tree Pop up Card?

Let’s get crafting.

Christmas Tree Pop up Card IdeaHow to Make a Christmas Tree Pop up Card

What you need:

  • card base
  • green paper
  • brown paper
  • yellow paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • something to trace around to make circles

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow the Step by Step Instructions

You can either purchase or make your own card bases out of construction paper.

Trace circles on green paper.

For younger kids you will just need one bigger circle while older kids can handle more.

Cut the circles out of paper.

Fold the circles in half.

Cut them in half.

Now comes the folding again.

Fold the half circles in half (cone looking like shape).

Fold in half again.

And again. Crease every fold, we want them to be as crisp as possible.

Unfold. Now comes the “tricky part”. Especially when you have smaller circles.

With the half circle unfolded, look at the fold in the middle. Make a mountain fold.

With the middle fold being a mountain fold, fold all on the right and left in a “zig-zag” manner – mountain fold, valley fold, mountain fold, valley.

Cut a small brown rectangle and glue it in the card, in the middle of the fold, to make the tree trunk.

Take the folded half circle, apply glue on the back of the last folds on both sides (remember the middle fold has to be a moutain fold, facing up).

Glue on the card, forming an A shape – middle fold has to be somewhat aligned with the fold on the card.

If you made more circles in more sizes, glue them in the same manner one above the other (overlapping a bit) until you get to the desired tree height.

Cut a star out of yellow paper and stick it on top of the tree.

All done, you have made a wonderful Christmas tree pop up card.

Christmas Tree Pop up Card Idea for Kids

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