Craft Sticks Christmas Tree Craft

We’ve got another wonderful and quick Christmas craft to share with you, today we’re making this simple craft sticks Christmas tree craft. This craft is perfect both for younger kids (kindergarten and preschool) as it’s a good fine motor practice as well as older kids because it can turn out really, really pretty. You can add some thread for hanging and turn this one into an ornament too.Cute Craft Sticks and Yarn Christmas Tree Craft

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Craft Sticks Christmas Tree Craft

What you need

  • craft sticks – natural or pre-colored
  • green wool
  • glue
  • pom poms
  • optional: clothespins


You can adjust the “how to” for this tutorial – depending on the skills of the child.

Take 3 green craft sticks (or color them green). Position them to make a triangle and glue together two (you can also glue all 3 together now to form a triangle, but yarn wrapping will be slower). Allow the glue to set.

Tie the yarn at the top of the triangle. Add glue along the craft sticks.


Start “wrapping” the yarn, making the figure 8, around the craft sticks. Slowly progress towards the bottom, do not weave too tightly. When you get to the bottom tie a know. Add more glue to set the yarn if necessary.

Glue the pom poms to decorate the tree.

You can leave it as is or add a clothespin for a trunk.


Craft Sticks Christmas Tree


Cute Craft Sticks Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

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  1. I’m a teacher from Puerto Rico and I love all of your craft. I will doing some of them with my students. thank you for sharing your art.

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