Simple Leaf Art Idea

Fall is a wonderful time of the year to get crafty with nature materials and this simple leaf art idea will unleash your child’s creativity.

While dried leaves work best for this project, as you will be able to display and admire your child’s work for a long time, this can be made with fresh leaves too.

Leaf Art Idea for Kids

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If you are planning creative fall activities to do with your kids, make sure you include those that use nature’s crafting materials – fall certainly offers an abundance. When it comes to those materials, we love crafting with fall leaves the most!

This particular craft allows for much creativity as you can use any leaf and turn it into a fun looking leaf creature. You could even make a story book, adding speech bubbles and writing dialogue. 

Little Friends Leaf Craft for Kids

Fresh leaves can be used and end result photographed to create a story. Use different leaves for different scenes or use the same leaf and change the mouths to show different expressions. If this is the case, draw mouth on paper and cut them out, do not draw them directly on the leaves.

Leaf Friends Craft for Kids to Make

There are so many different characters and emotions you can portray by drawing different mouths and hand positions.

Leaf Friends Craft for Kids

Making backgrounds in different colors really makes the leaves pop out – you can also teach the kids about complementary or contrast colors.

Leaf Friends Craft for Kids to Make

There isn’t a leaf that you could not use for this project, different shapes give different character to your leaf friends.

Leaf Friends Craft for Kids to Make

The ones that you make with preserved dry leaves can be showcased on the wall.

Leaf Friends Craft for Kids to Make

How to make the Simple Leaf Art Idea

What you need:

  • white cardstock (square or rectangle pieces)
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • black liner
  • circle puncher
  • watercolors of your choice (autumn colors)
  • brush
  • bunch of small autumn leaves

Materials Used

Step by Step Instructions

Paint over the white cardstock piece with watercolors and let them dry aside.

Step 1
Use the circle puncher …

Step 2-0

… to round the corners as shown in the picture. 

Step 2
Glue some leaves on the cardstock.

Step 3
Draw each leaf a smiling mouth and hands.

Step 4
Attach two googly eyes on each leaf.

Step 5
All done!

Leaf Friends Craft for Kids to Make

We are so excited about how these leaf friends turned out.

Leaf Friends Craft for Kids to Make

Don’t they look cute and happy?

Leaf Friends Craft for Kids

We bet you loved making this Simple Leaf Art Idea and that your leaf friends turned out amazing.

Leaf Friends Fall Craft Idea


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