Simple Bee Art Idea – Stamping with Corks

We’ve got a super simple art project that is suitable for all ages, simple enough for toddlers to make (with a little help) and pretty enough you will want to make them too.

Wine corks actually make awesome stamps, and even if you are not a wine lover you can grab a set of these at most stores and they are really, really frugal. And it’s pretty amazing at just how many different things you can create with a simple circle shape.

Simple Bee Art Idea - Stamping with Corks #Corkcraftforkids #Springcrafts #beecrafts #toddlerart*this post contains affiliate links*

If you need a quick and easy art, why not make these adorable little stamped bees? There is little effort required in order to make these wonderful little bugs.

They will look great on canvas or on your DIY spring themed card. And once you master the bee, there is a ton of other creations you can make using corks – like these adorable stamped little chicks we shared a while ago… Or you could make other bugs – ladybugs are equally easy to make or you can take it even further and make butterflies. There are just so many possibilities.

Ready to do some stamping? Let’s go!

Adorable Cork Bee Craft for KidsMaking this Simple Bee Art Idea

What you need:

  • Wine cork
  • Yellow, pink and green craft paint
  • Small white canvas
  • Paintbrush
  • Sharpie marker


Prepare your paints. We’ll start by making some flowers. Dip the cork into a “flower” color. Stamp 4 circles making a flower shape.


Next either wash the cork or use a new one and dip it into yellow paint and press it on the canvas to make the round shape for the bee.

Draw flower stem with green color (use paintbrush).

Alternatively you could also draw it with a green marker.

Let the paint dry before you move on.

Once the paint is dry, take a black marker and draw the details on the bees.

Cute Cork Bee Craft

Cork Bee Craft for Kids

Tutorial contributed by Kathleen B.


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