Fall Bleeding Tissue Paper Art – Easy Art Idea for Kindergarten

This colorful and easy Fall Bleeding Tissue Paper Art idea is a great project both for home and in the classroom – kids in kindergarten and preschool will love the process when it comes to creating this project.

Fall Bleeding Tissue Paper Art

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This tissue bleed fall canvas is a fun way to celebrate the beautiful colors of fall with your little one.

It is a great project for when the weather may not allow you to go outside and enjoy the real thing.

Kids love to get their hands into a project from start to finish and this one lets them do just that.

Fall Bleeding Tissue Paper Art for Kids

Fall Bleeding Tissue Paper Art

You will need:

  • small blank canvas
  • brown craft paint
  • craft glue
  • tissue, assorted colors
  • water in a spray bottleStep-1

Step by Step Instructions

Lightly draw a tree shape onto the canvas with a pencil. Outline it with glue and let it dry.

You can either cut up fall colored tissue paper into small pieces and have them ready or let your child cut out their own bits and pieces.

Small pieces work best for this fall scene so try to keep them less than 1”. Spray the canvas well with water.

Begin adding bits of tissue where you would like them to go for your leaves inside the glue lines, this will keep it from bleeding so much that you can’t make out the shape.

You can either press them down or tap them into the canvas with a paintbrush to keep at least some of the ink off little fingers.


You may need to spritz the tissue again so that it is nice and wet.


Let your canvas sit for 10 minutes to allow the vibrant color to soak in.

Peel the tissues off the canvas- a pair of tweezers makes this task easier and is great for the building up the kids fine motor strength.


Let the canvas dry completely and it’s done, ready to brighten up your walls.

Fall Bleeding Tissue Paper Art Idea

This project does get a lot of ink on your fingers but will disappear after a few hand washes.

Fall Bleeding Tissue Paper Art Activity

Project contributed by Jody.

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