Printable Elf Christmas Craft

As the holidays draw near, creating fun crafts with your family is part of this blissful season. Allowing your kids or students to create this Printable Elf Christmas Craft is going to bring them so much joy, you won’t even believe it.

Follow along as the most adorable elf is created from your child’s very own imagination.

Printable Elf Christmas Craft for Kids

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It’s the season to make all of the cute crafts that you can. This Printable Elf Christmas Craft is so much fun for kids because the end result is PLAY. Those accordion legs will keep them entertained for a while. Plus, creating an elf is the ideal Christmas craft for kids.

How to Create a Printable Elf Christmas Craft


What you need:

Step-by-Step Tutorial

To start out this craft, you are going to color the template. If you have color ink, you can also print out the colored version.

For this next step, you are going to cut out the elf and the elf legs! You can assist your child with this if they need help.

Layout the elf and his/her legs, so that you have everything in front of you to put the elf together correctly.

You are going to fold along the dash lines on the elf’s legs. Think of an accordion and how it’s folded, this will help you fold the legs properly.

Make sure you complete this step with both legs.

Take glue and place it on the end of the elf’s legs. Attach the left leg to the body of the elf.

Glue the top of the right leg and place that on the elf’s body.

Press the legs against the body one extra time to make sure you have everything put together correctly.

As you can see, the Printable Elf Christmas Craft turns out fantastic. Now he or she is all ready for Christmas playing. This is when the true fun begins.

Printable Elf Christmas Craft

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