Paper Weaving Christmas Tree Craft

Paper weaving is something younger kids really have fun making, so this Paper Weaving Christmas Tree Craft makes a great project to do during the holidays or in your classroom.

There are many ways you can paper weave, so do it in a way that your kids know best.

Paper Weaving Christmas Tree Craft Idea for Kids

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This fun Christmas craft idea is great for making at home or in the classroom. We used a craft stick to finish this craft up, however if you plan to make a garland out of these (which in our opinion would look absolutely fantastic) swap out the craft stick with brown paper, or omit it all together. Hang these on a string and you’ll have an amazing display.

While Christmas trees usually come in green, there is no rule to which paper colors your kids should use. If you will be making a garland with this one, we think using many different colors would look even better.

Paper Weaving Christmas Tree Craft

How to make a Paper Weaving Christmas Tree Craft

What you need:

  • paper for weaving (regular print paper or construction paper) in two colors
  • glue
  • scissors
  • marker
  • craft stick
  • papers for decorating, pom poms or other

Step by Step Tutorial

Let’s start by making the woven paper. You will need two sheets of paper in two colors. They can be any color really, we opted for two shades of green for our Christmas tree craft.

Start by cutting into one sheet of paper to make paper strips. Don’t cut all the way through.

Take the other piece of paper and cut the strips.

Apply glue along the last strip of one of the sheets of paper.

And stick the other one on it (the end that was not cut into). 

This will hold the papers in place, which can make it easier for kids to weave.

Fold all the (light green) paper strips back.

Now start weaving. Take the first paper strip and weave it across the slits, going over and under the slits.

All the way through.

Take another sheet of paper (the same size as your paper weaving is), apply glue all across it.

Stick it on your woven paper and wait for the glue to set.

Draw triangles for Christmas trees. 

Cut out the triangles.

Some bits might fall off, if that is the case, just add a bit of glue on them and add them back (or just leave as is).

Cut a star and stick it on top of your Christmas tree.

Decorate the tree with pom poms, scrap paper, sequin, finger paints or whatever else your kids want.

Apply glue on one end of the craft stick and stick it on the back.

If you are making these as a decroation that will be hanged on a string, you can swap the craft stick with brown construction paper.

Paper Weaving Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

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