Bugs Egg Carton Crafts

Bugs! We love bugs (not in the home though)! These bugs egg carton crafts are great for all ages and there really is a ton of different bugs your kids can make – the sky is the limit.

Bugs Egg Carton Recycled Crafts

These are great for learning about bugs and you can even add some

bug coloring pages to make learning even more fun!

Bugs Egg Carton Crafts

While we all usually have a spare egg carton or two in our homes there isn’t a better time of the year to make egg carton crafts than around Easter… There is an abundance of egg cartons – they just keep on piling up!

You can really make this craft an open end one – just cut the egg cartons in different ways – solo “cups”, two, three or for and watch as kids create there own little creepy crawlers.  If you have a few pipe cleaners laying around you can have the kids use those to make bug legs!


We created quite a few different bugs – ladybugs of all sorts, beetles, bees, scary looking spider, caterpillar and an ant. A grasshopper with the help of pipe cleaners would certainly be doable to and so would be the butterfly!

Ready? Do some bugs!

Bugs Egg Carton Crafts

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