How to Make Paper Rosettes for Halloween

If you plan on making your own Halloween decorations this how-to make paper rosettes for Halloween is a must-see!

Paper rosettes are one of the most frugal and fancy-looking decorations you can make on your own and both kids and adults alike can make them with little practice.

Make Paper Rosettes for Halloween

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We love all things Halloween, from making spooky Halloween crafts with kids to spooky treats and all the fun costumes.

And we do love paper rosettes, they are so versatile – you can make fancy-looking decorations such as the one in this tutorial or you can make all kinds of fun characters like paper rosette bats.

How to Make Paper Rosettes for Halloween

What you need

  • orange print paper or construction paper (other colors are OK too, but orange is best)
  • black construction paper
  • optional cardboard
  • glue for paper (stick glue is OK but it is a little weak)
  • scissors

Step by Step Tutorial

Cut 4 rectangle shapes out of orange paper, the rectangle should be twice as long as it is wide (ours measure roughly 4 x 8 inches / 10 x 20) cm.

Fold each of the paper strips into an accordion. Make sure all the folds are more or less even.

Once all four are folded, it’s time to asemble the rosette.

Apply glue along the last fold of one of the folded papers and press another to it, sticking them together.

Firmly press them together for the glue to set.

Continue with the other two. Try to bend them into a circle, if they make a nice circle, you are all set, if not, make another paper strip and add it to your creation.

Once you have them all glued together into a long accodion paper strip, apply glue on one end…

…make a circle and glue the ends together.

Draw a bat or any other Halloween themed silhouette on a sheet of black paper. Construction paper is best for this project.

If you don’t have construction paper you can stick black paper on any harder paper – cereal boxes are great!

Apply glue on the back of your bat silhouette and stick it onto the paper rosette.

To make the paper rosette sturdier and to help it keep it’s shape, also glue a small piece of construction paper or cardboard on the back of the rosette (at the middle).

All done, you’ve learned how to make paper rosettes for Halloween.

How to Make Paper Rosettes for Halloween

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