Paper Roll Monsters – Halloween Crafts for Kids

Need a fun and quick Halloween craft for kids to make? These pape roll monsters are insanely fun to make.
Paper Roll Monsters Halloween Craft for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters – Halloween Crafts for Kids

What you need

  • a bunch of paper rolls (toilet paper rolls – you can buy craft rolls if you don’t want to use these, kitchen towel paper rolls,….)
  • paper in assortment of colors – the more the merrier or paints in many colors
  • wiggly eyes stickers
  • scissors (regular and decorative)
  • glue
  • markers

If you use store bought craft rolls, you can make this into a wonderful class project as each child can design their very own unique monster. The possibilities are endless! Just give them various supplies and watch them get creative.


First, decorate you paper rolls, either by gluing the colored paper all around them or by painting them (let them dry before you continue if you paint them). The more colors the better.

Once done, it’s time to get creative and decorate. You can do crazy hair with the help of decorative scissors, add eyes (wiggle eyes stickers are amazingly fun to use when making these paper roll monsters). Add horns, wings, fangs, tentacles, sticky tongues… The sky is the limit.


Don’t forget to take a group photo of all the monsters you create. What a silly little bunch right?

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Cute Paper Roll Monsters Halloween Craft for Kids

Paper Roll Monsters

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