How to Draw a Fish Step by Step Tutorial for Kids + Printable

Want to learn how to draw a fish? We are sharing the most simple tutorial that will teach you just that. Along with a step by step printable template.

A few simple strokes and details and your fish will be ready to swim off – perfect for younger kids (kindergarten, preschool, first grade…) and for people who are just starting out (aka beginners).

How to Draw a Fish Step by Step for Kids

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There are many different ways you can draw a fish but this how to drawing tutorial will show you what is probably the easiest way to draw one. Your kids (and you) will learn how to draw a fish in no time!

To make things super easy, we prepared a how to video tutorial, a step by step fish drawing instructions you can follow and even a printable template with guided drawing instructions. Just print and draw!

We are super excited about our “how to draw” series, our fist tutorial on how to draw a butterfly was well received, so we are excited to continue!

As the temperatures are pretty high here already and we would love nothing more than to jump into the ocean to cool down, we will be sharing a series of how to draw ocean animals tutorials, starting with this fish.

Ready to give this one a go? Print the template and let’s draw!

How to Draw a Fish Tutorial

Learn how to draw a fish

As this is the easiest fish ever (we’ll be sharing more fish in the future) this one is great to use in preschool and kindergarten. Print copies of our printable drawing template and have the kids build their drawing confidence.

What you need:

  • our printable template (you can grab it at the end of this drawing tutorial)
  • sheet of paper
  • printer
  • black marker (or pencil, crayon,…)

Optional: coloring medium to color your finished creations.

Watch the Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Drawing Instructions

You can find our directed drawing printable template at the end of this drawing tutorial.

Start by drawing a curved line. Start on the left, draw a curve and descent on the right.

Start by Drawing a Curved Line

Now draw the same-ish curve upside down. You can already see a fish shape.

Now draw a line for the head and for the tail.

Make the tail and head

Draw fins. Dorsal fin and one in the body.

Let’s add in some facial details. A nice smile and a nice round eye.

Draw a Fish Face

And some finishing touches. Draw details on tail and fins and add a few bubbles.

We didn’t draw the fish scales in this tutorial but we did add them when we colored the drawing.

I hope you enjoyed this simple fish drawing tutorial and that you will be drawing many fish of your own.

Get the How to Draw a Fish step by step Printable PDF Template Here

How to Draw a Fish

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