How to Draw a Turtle – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Excited to learn a new thing you can draw? This time we are showing you a step by step tutorial on how to draw a turtle.

This tutorial will show you how to draw a turtle swimming and it’s perfect for beginners of all ages – from kids in preschool and kindergarten to grown ups who are just starting out.

How to Draw a Turtle step by step tutorial for kids and beginners

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We’ll be drawing turtles, the sea dwelling ones, leaving tortoises for another occasion. This is a super simple way to draw one, so you’ll be ready to draw them on your own in no time.

As with our other how to draw tutorials, this one too comes with a printable drawing guide you can print and give to your kids.

This turtle is next in our how to draw ocean animals series, and we’ve done quite a few of them already (do you know how to draw a dolphin yet?).

Ready to give it a try? Let’s draw!

Learn How to Draw a Turtle Tutorial and Printable

Directed Drawing Turtle

This is a super easy drawing tutorial so it’s a perfect one to use in the classroom.


What you need:

  • our printable template (you can grab it at the end of this drawing tutorial)
  • sheet of paper
  • printer
  • black marker (or pencil, crayon,…)

Optional: coloring medium to color your finished creations.

Follow These Step by Step Drawing Instructions

Print our directed drawing template (you can find it at the very end of this tutorial) for kids to use.

Start by drawing an oval shape for the turtle shell.

Draw an Oval Shape

Inside that oval shape draw another one.

Turtle Shell

Draw a head and a tail.

Draw a Turtle head and Tail

Next draw legs (well flippers), start with the first pair and then make another one.

Draw legs

Now to add some details to the shell.

Add details to the turtle shell

Last but not least, draw the eyes and a few lines along the edge of the “inner” oval shape.

Congratulations you just learned how to draw a turtle! Now go ahead and color it!

Get the How to Draw a Turtle step by step Printable PDF Template Here

How to Draw a Turtle

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