How to Draw a Sheep – Step by Step Sheep Drawing Tutorial

Grab your pencils or your markers as you will learn how to draw a sheep with our step by step sheep drawing tutorial.

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a super easy cartoon style sheep, so it’s perfect for kids to use, as well as for anyone who wants to draw a cute little sheep.

How to Draw a Sheep Step By Step Drawing Tutorial. This easy sheep drawing tutorial (with directed drawing printable) will have you learn how to draw a sheep in no time.

These fluffy little animals are certainly fun to draw. A couple of days ago we showed you how to draw a horse, so we decided another “farm animal” should join our collection of how to draw tutorials.

You will learn this one in no time, as it really is one of the easiest methods ever.

How to Draw a Sheep

Sheep Drawing Tutorial. Directed Drawing For All Ages

What you need:

  • our directed drawing printable (completely optional – you can grab it at the very end of this tutorial)
  • marker or pencil
  • paper

Step By Step Sheep Drawing Instructions


Step 1

Start by drawing an U shape for the sheep head. You can make the U shape a bit wider at the bottom.

Start by Drawing a U Shape or The Sheep Head

Step 2

Draw a fluffy shape above the head. Also start drawing the mouth.

Fluffy hair

Step 3

Complete drawing the nose. Also draw two eyes. There are many ways you can go about it, you can make a round nose, triangle nose, U shaped one or one like we did. The same goes for eyes, you can draw dots like we have or you can do closed eyes, by drawing an “inverted” U shapes.

Lastly don’t forget about the ears.

Draw ears, eyes and nose

Step 4

Next comes the body of the sheep. Draw a fluffy oval shape.

Draw the Fluffy Body

Step 5

Draw feet. You are almost finished.

Draw the legs

Step 6

Draw the final details – the hoof and the tail.

Congratulations! You have just learned how to draw a sheep.

Last details


All there is left to do is to give your drawing a bit of color.

Color your sheep drawing

Get the Sheep Directed Drawing Printables Here

How to Draw a Sheep

Happy drawing!

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