Hedgehog Corner Bookmark – Origami for Kids

Hedgehog crafts are usually “reserved” for fall but I do love this animal so much I just had to make this hedgehog corner bookmark.

These origami corner bookmarks are a great beginner origami for kids, easy to make and kids will be able to put them into good use.

Hedgehog Corner Bookmark - Origami Bookmarks

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Hedgehog Corner Bookmark

  • sheet of brown origami paper
  • paper, a shade darker than the “original brown sheet” – there are usually more shades of brown in origami paper packs
  • white paper, black marker
  • glue, scissors

Start by folding the origami paper diagonally both ways.

Fold into triangle with the colored side on the outside.

Fold the tip of the triangle to the bottom (one sheet only) as shown on the picture bellow.

Folding the Paper

Fold the left corner of the triangle to the middle. Repeat with the right one, make sure you crease well on both sides and unfold both.

Fold the right corner towards the top. Repeat with the left corner. Crease well.

Tuck both “flaps” in the pocket.

Making an Origami Corner Bookmark

Stick a sheet of darker brown paper inside the corner bookmark. With pencil draw the spikes outline. Take the darker paper out and cut the along the drawn line. Add glue and insert into the corner bookmark.

Hedgehog Craft

More Origami Corner Bookmark Ideas

We made a whole lot of cute monster origami corner bookmarks, there are so many ways you can go about making these. Also check this cute reindeer bookmark, it’s super fun!

Corner Bookmark - Hedgehog, simple origami for kids to make

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this bookmark craft. Made this with my daughter today. It was great. Your instructions are clear and easy enough to follow! Thanks so much. Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

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