Shark Corner Bookmark

Ready for shark week? Make this fierce looking, yet cute at the same time shark corner bookmark, to keep your books safe.

Shark week certainly is fun and we love making shark projects (this shark cootie catcher is one of my favorite projects ever).

DIY Shark Corner Bookmark

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We’ve made quite a few origami corner bookmarks (and there are many more coming your way), shark one being on the to do list since the beginning. We are generally in love with simple origami for kids to be honest.

Shark Corner Bookmark – Simple Origami for Kids

What you need

  • square blue paper (best if it’s blue on both sides, the tutorial shows paper that’s blue on one side only to make instructions more clear)
  • white paper
  • pink paper
  • wiggle eyes stickers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • marker


Ready to start? Fold the paper diagonally (both diagonals). Fold into a triangle. Crease the fold. Now take hold of the top corner of the triangle (one paper only) and fold it towards the bottom as indicated by the pink dot.

Making the Corner Bookmark

Grab one corner on the bottom and fold it toward the middle. Do the same with the other one (see the pink dot). Unfold both.

Making the origami bookmark

Now grab one of those corners again and fold it towards the top of the triangle (see the pink dot). Do the same with the other corner. Now tuck these two “flaps” into the pocket and you’ve got yourself a nice base to work on.

Last steps in making a bookmark

Even with the classic origami paper (color on one end and white on the other you can make a fancy looking shark (they do have white bottoms after all).

It’s time to decorate!

Cut fins, teeth and tongue. Glue them on/in to make the shark. Stick on two wiggly eyes stickers and your shark is ready to take a bite at the next book you will read.

Shark Parts


Shark Origami Corner Bookmark

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Shark Corner Bookmark Origami

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