Sailboat Corner Bookmark

We’ve got a lovely DIY origami corner bookmark for all the little lover of the sea to share with you – learn how to make this fun looking sailboat corner bookmark.

How to Make a Sailboat Corner Bookmark

This little origami bookmark will be perfect to use during the summer days for all those wonderful summer reads.

DIY Sailboat Corner Bookmark

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Sailboat Corner Bookmark

Ready to sail away into the next literary adventure? To make sure you never loose a page you were reading last, make this adorable sailboat origami corner bookmark.

What you need:

  • blue origami paper
  • brown paper
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Start by folding the origami paper diagonally both ways. Crease the folds. Fold into the triangle, colored side on the outside. Grab hold of the top of the triangle, one paper only, as indicated with the pink spot on the image bellow, and fold towards the bottom of the triangle (align on the center) .

Making the Corner Bookmark

Now grab hold of one of the bottom corners and fold it towards the centre of the triangle (as indicated with the pink spot). Do the same with the other corner. Crease well and unfold.

Making the origami bookmark

Now grab the same corners and move them towards the top corner of the triangle. Crease well and tuck the flaps into the pocket.

Last steps in making a bookmark

We’ve got the base of the corner bookmark made, this is the sea and the sky :). Now to make the boat. Cut a triangle out of brown and white paper – the size has to fit the corner bookmark “triangle part”. Glue the brown triangle to the bottom of the bookmark. Cut the white one in half and glue on the halfs on the upper part of the bookmark.

Sail away with your fancy looking sailboat corner bookmark!

Sailboat Bookmark

Sailboat Corner Bookmark Tutorial


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DIY Sailboat Origami Bookmark

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