Halloween Pop Up Card Templates

Your kids Halloween party will be a blast with these fun Halloween Pop Up Card Templates! Set up a crafting table and have the kids make a witch pop up card, a vampire pop up card with fangs as well as a jack-o-lantern pumpkin pop up card.

Halloween Pop Up Card Templates - Make a witch, a vampire and a pumpkin

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All of the Halloween monsters on these cards will open and close their mouth as the cards is opened and closed. How sweet is that? And those fangs on the vampire!

We are sure these adorable and spooky cards will spark your child’s love for making a pop up card and they will soon be designing their own (if not we have a ton more pop up card templates).

Pop Up Halloween Cards Templates

These are great Halloween crafts for the classroom too, as they are low prep and quick to make.

How to Make Halloween Pop Up Cards

What you need:

  • our pop up card template
  • black or red cardstock
  • scissors
  • glue
  • optional: coloring supplies

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the templates (black or white or full color). Heavier print paper or cardstock work out the best, however this craft will do well on regular paper too, especially if you are using cardstock as a base (the black or red paper).

If you printed the black and white Halloween pop up cards, have the kids color them in first.

Next cut out the template, following the outer line of the rectangle. 

With the vampire pop up card you will also need to cut out a set of fangs.

Fold the card in half, following the dashed line running through the middle of the template.

You’ll notice a full line going through the mouth, cut along that line with scissors.

There are two diagonal dashed lines close to the mouth line. Make folds along those two lines too.

Unfold the two diagonal folds you just made. Also unfold the card.

With the design facing towards you, push your fingers through the “mouth” from the back of the design (one hand on the top side of the design and one on the bottom).

Keep pushing your fingers through while also slowly closing the card (with the design being on the inside this time). Set aside.

Take the red paper (sized like the template or larger) and fold it in half.

Take the pop up card template, apply glue on one half and stick it inside the folded card.

Next apply the glue on the other half…

And close the card, firmly pressing on it for the glue to set.

Apply a small amount of glue on the fangs and stick them on the designated area.

All done! Your first out of three Halloween Pop Up Card Templates is done.

Pop Up Halloween Cards

Get the Halloween Pop Up Card Templates

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