Halloween Puppets Templates

Ready for the coolest Halloween craft of the season – just print these Halloween Puppets Templates and let the fun begin. A wicked witch, scary Frankenstein’s monster and a vampire are all ready for play.

These fun Halloween puppets will keep your kids busy for days.

Halloween Puppets Templates For Kids

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These Halloween puppets look super cool and what’s even more important, they are insanely easy to make.


Halloween Puppets

How to Make our Halloween Puppets Templates

What you need:

  • our printable template
  • printer paper (heavier / cardstock is best)
  • coloring supplies if printing the black and white template
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Instructions

Print out our templates. Print one or all, full color or black and white. In this tutorial we will show you how to make the witch from our black and white paper. Other puppets assemble in the same way.

When working with black and white Halloween puppet templates, first color them in. Any coloring supply will do the job, we colored ours with coloring pencils.

Once all the pieces (except the two paper strips) are colored in, cut them out.

Let’s start making the puppet. Make folds across all dashed lines on the puppet.

Make the folds nice and crisp.

Don’t forget the fold inside the mouth.

When you fold the one inside the mouth, the puppet features should align.

Next apply the glue into one of the four squares on the puppet with the word glue inside them.

Bend the paper and stick the glue square at the end of the “jaw line”.

Repeat with all the remaining 3 squares.

Looking from the other side, this is what you should see.

Next take the hands. Fold along the dashed line…

…apply glue on the folded part and stick the hand on the witch (bottom part).

Do the same with the ears.

And lastly the hat (minus the folding part).

Now the witch puppet already looks cool, but it’s hard to hold in your hands… This is where the two paper strips come in.

Take one of the paper strips and fold it on both ends. Apply glue on the folded parts.

And stick the arched paper strip on the puppet.

This is how it should look, with just enough space to push your fingers in.

Do the same with the other paper strip.

Now we’re talking! Your Halloween puppet is ready for play.

Halloween Puppets Templates

Now make the Frankenstein and vampire too.


Get the Halloween Puppets Templates



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